The Power of Humor in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Ah! Work! The most heinous of the four-letter words. That place you go to slowly have your soul sucked out for pay...

While that may be a little harsh, work for many can be a place of stress and drudgery with few perks. While bosses everywhere try to raise morale by hosting “fun” events with funny public speakers or a corporate magician, it doesn’t help the daily grind.

Humor, as it turns out, should be a regular in the workplace.

The following are reasons why humor and work should go together:

Laughing relieves stress. You don’t need an advanced degree to know that a few guffaws can alleviate stress. So, go ahead and tell that joke when things are stressful (just don’t do it if you’re the surgeon).

It’s a huge morale booster. Well…duh! Laughing releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. When the whole department is getting “high” on laughter everyone feels better.

Productivity rises. Oddly enough, a fun working environment leads to a productive working environment. So, people want to work if they are happy. Who knew?

Humor makes you likable. The office comedy speaker, quick with a funny story and who knows how to lighten the mood is seen as likeable and approachable. Both good qualities to have at work.

Laugh more, sick less. It’s true! A workplace that embraces humor encourages employee immune systems to work more efficiently.

Blood pressure lowers. Just like stress, blood pressure levels tend to drop lower with humor, making workers feel better and possibly avoiding future ambulance trips.

Humor reduces burnout. Doing the same thing everyday doesn’t seem so monotonous when you work in an environment where laughter is encouraged.

Make them laugh and get them to listen. Using humor, especially in workplace meetings, causes workers to listen more attentively. So, tell those jokes before starting in on performance evaluations.

Win them to your side with humor. Going up against a co-worker with a great idea? Start with some humorous interactions. Humor is a sure way to win people over.

End conflict with humor. Heated situation at work? Argument heading to a brawl? Tell a joke and save the day. Nothing diffuses conflict quite like adding little light-heartedness.

With all the perks humor offers the workplace, shouldn’t we all be laughing a lot more? Find the humor around you and bring it to work! It makes a HUGE difference.


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