The Dirty (and Clean) of Comedy

Have you been to a comedy show lately? The comedians get up on stage and they start their acts. Many times, there is roaring laughter that drowns out the comedian as he or she moves on to the next funny story. It feels so good to laugh so hard. But, does the comedy need to be dirty or vulgar to be funny? Can comedy be clean and entertaining? While popular funny men and women may say, “#$%@ NO!” when it comes to clean comedy, there is still a desire for clean comedy in media as well as a push for clean corporate comedians. So, what are some perks to clean comedy?

No one is embarrassed. So many comedians make an effort to pick out an audience member and poke fun at them. This can run from a mild ribbing to an all-out roast. It’s all meant in playful fun and humor, but is it really? While it is popular to include audience members, when the comedian is vulgar with their act, that audience member may become uncomfortable and that performer may lose a fan. Clean comedians don’t usually have this problem. The comedy is clean, and their treatment of the audience is fun and jovial without major offense.

Getting the kids involved. While taking a child to a comedy show, even a clean one, isn’t a good idea, watching clean comedians at home or online is a great way to laugh together as a family without introducing kids to harsh language and vulgar generalizations.

Co-workers won’t complain. That company retreat will be an event to look forward to when there are clean corporate comedians. Within a work environment there are a variety of people from all backgrounds. Keeping the comedy clean ensures that everyone has fun without being shocking or vile.

No complaints. No one has ever come out of a comedy show wishing the performers had used more bad language. While there is always a chance that someone will be offended with dirty comedy, no one is going to complain that the comedy was too clean. And if they do, do you really want to be spending time with them?

Few things are better than a good, loud peal of laughter. And when the comedy is clean, that laughter comes without degrading or embarrassing anyone.


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