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Laugh More. Stress Less.
A Fun Way to Reduce Stress

Laugh More. Stress Less.

A Fun Way to Reduce Stress

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to alleviate stress in your organization? Look no further! We're thrilled to introduce “Laugh More. Stress Less." – a 60-minute presentation designed to make stress disappear and leave your group feeling relaxed, refreshed, and recharged.


Led by comedy magician and funny entertaining speaker Lyndy Phillips, this presentation combines the power of clean humor, comedy magic, audience involvement, and valuable insights on stress reduction. Lyndy's approach is anything but boring – it's dynamic, engaging, and guaranteed to leave your attendees smiling.


By booking “Laugh More. Stress Less.," your group will not only enjoy a delightful experience but also gain practical knowledge on managing stress effectively. They'll leave feeling revitalized, informed, and equipped with strategies to tackle stress head-on.


In this fun, interactive presentation, your group will learn how stress affects the body and mind. Lyndy will explain the dangers of chronic stress, the importance of reducing it and—most importantly—how to do so by harnessing the healing power of laughter. Everyone will walk away with tools to relieve stress, a reminder to see the humor around them, and most likely, a smile on their faces. 


Don't let stress hold your group back from reaching their full potential. Book “Laugh More. Stress Less." today and watch as your group laughs their way to a happier, healthier, and more productive life!



"Lyndy Phillips is masterful at engaging the audience and delivering what he promises - a presentation filled with practical tips for reducing stress and abundant opportunities to laugh and let stress slip away.  Our conference attendees were captivated from the first moment to the grand finale.  Get ready to have some fun, while learning to reduce stress."

State Director, Small Business Center Network, North Carolina Community College System, North Carolina

"We were looking for an entertainer/speaker to close our company's three-day retreat and were so glad to be referred to Lyndy Phillips. Lyndy's customized event for us was hysterical, mind-blowing, sentimental, motivating, and of course, entertaining! Our entire staff buzzed for hours afterward wondering, "How did he do that?!" Thank you Lyndy!"

Director of Content & Events, JupiterOne Cybersecurity, North Carolina

“Each April the Jacksonville Onslow Chamber of Commerce hosts an Administrative Professionals Breakfast, and I must say, this year it was an unforgettable experience. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the exceptional presentation provided by Lyndy Phillips. From the moment he took the stage, the entire room was completely engrossed, with not a single person distracted by their phones or the time. Lyndy's presentation was engaging, entertaining, and perfectly tailored to the occasion. I wholeheartedly recommend Lyndy Phillips as a keynote speaker for any event. His talent and charisma truly make him stand out, and I'm confident he would leave a lasting impression on any audience."

President, Jacksonville Onslow Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina

"Lyndy Phillips was a gem to work with. He was right on time, friendly and the audience loved him. We have received many positive comments regarding his presentation. We would and will recommend him to other companies searching for a special speaker. Thank you so much!”

Citibank Operations Center Staff Professional Development, South Dakota

“Bell kicked off its annual leadership summit with an outstanding presentation by Lyndy Phillips. Lyndy kept our entire audience engaged, on their toes and most importantly, kept them laughing. Lyndy’s presentation was a great addition to our conference.”

Bell Helicopter Annual Summit, Texas

"Lyndy came and spoke at our Lunch and Learn at Lennox International to over 200 employees on relieving stress through laughter. We had countless feedback of how much they enjoyed his presentation and humor. Thank you, Lyndy, for getting our employees to Laugh More. Stress Less."

Lennox International Employee Lunch & Learn, Texas

"We had Lyndy deliver the keynote address for our corporate retreat and he was truly exceptional! He had the audience engaged from the moment he stepped on to the stage and had everyone laughing hysterically in no time. Lyndy is a world class magician, comedian and a motivational speaker and his talk was every bit memorable."

Credera Corporate Retreat, Texas

"Lyndy's humor was just what our group of HR professionals needed to de-stress from last year and recharge for the new year. His interactive presentation with our group and the ability to create humor in everyday life events was refreshing and fun, all the while delivering the important message to stop and smell the roses often. He kept everyone smiling and laughing throughout his presentation, especially those audience members who participated in his magic tricks. Lyndy's a great speaker/entertainer, and it would be a pleasure to have him return for another event."

Organizational Development and Training, Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas

"Lyndy was a great addition to our Professional Development Day at Wilkes Community College. His The Magic Keynote presentation was just what the doctor ordered and a perfect way to kick off the afternoon sessions! His quick wit, humor, and magic kept the audience captivated. We haven’t laughed that much in a long time!"

Wilkes Community College Professional Development Day, North Carolina​

​“We were looking for a keynote speaker for our annual conference. We decided to go with Mr. Lyndy Phillips and we're sure glad we did. His message was uplifting and inspirational. His presentation was personable. He had the crowd laughing non-stop. He even had a standing ovation. Afterwards, people walked up to him, shook his hand and thanked him for his inspirational words. Lyndy Phillips is a fantastic speaker. We would recommend him for your event.”

Houston Community College Annual Conference, Texas​

"Lyndy Phillips captivated us with his unique approach, turning laughter into a powerful antidote to stress. During this session the team was encouraged to navigate their multifaceted roles with a more balanced and lighter perspective. His 'Laugh More, Stress Less' session was an inspiring message during a challenging time, leaving a lasting impression on our team. I enthusiastically recommend Lyndy Phillips to any institution seeking a magical, memorable, and impactful experience."

Vice President of Instruction, Mayland Community College Convocation, North Carolina


“Lyndy Phillips' The Magic Keynote performance, which focused on stressing less and laughing more kicked off our fall semester with enthusiasm and positivity. Lyndy's unique blend of magic, humor, and motivational insights created an engaging and impactful experience for employees.

His ability to connect with, as well as entertain, the audience ensured that the message of stressing less and laughing more resonated deeply with our employees. I believe The Magic Keynote revitalized everyone and set a positive tone for the entire fall semester.”

President, Cleveland Community College Convocation, North Carolina



"The Texas Court Clerks Association kicked off it's annual conference with a roar of laughter! Mr. Lyndy Phillips opened our conference in such a wonderful way with huge smiles and lots of laughter. Our jobs are stressful each and every day and to take an hour or two getting everyone to laugh was the best money we ever spent. Thank you Mr. Phillips for filling our cups to overflowing with laughter!”

Texas Court Clerks Association Annual Conference, Texas


​"Lyndy Phillips was great!! Everyone loved his keynote. We don’t think the group has ever laughed that loud during the closing session before. Everyone noted positive comments about his session on the conference evaluation form and asked to have him back again in the future.”

Mississippi Association of Planning & Development Districts, Mississippi


​"Lyndy Phillips was FABULOUS! He did a phenomenal job! He had our members laughing from start to finish! He definitely set the tone for the day which made the event a huge success!”

Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities Annual Conference, Connecticut


"Lyndy was hilarious! We’ve heard many speakers, but Lyndy was a gem! Thank you so much Lyndy our association appreciated every bit of your presentation and we can’t wait to have you again!"

Texas Association of School Nutrition Annual Conference, Texas

"Lyndy Phillips was a real hit with our audience. He had the audience laughing until they cried with his mix of humor and magic. In addition, his presentation carried a message regarding stress reduction that was right on target for all of us."

Texas Rural Education Association Annual Conference, Texas

"Watching our conference attendees captivated and responding with loud bursts of laughter to Lyndy’s presentation on Laugh More, Stress Less, we knew we had a successful keynote.  Thank you, Lyndy, for a great start to a full day of conference sessions!"

Securities & Insurance Licensing Association National Education Conference, Indiana

"This was an awesome program. The planning committee heard nothing but excellent feedback regarding Lyndy Phillips’ performance. We would highly recommend him to any group that is looking for a keynote speaker."

Texas Municipal Human Resources Association Annual Conference, Texas



"Lyndy did not disappoint! Our growers needed to hear his message about "Laugh More. Stress Less." especially after this production year. He helped end our customer conference exactly as we intended- on a high point!"

Conservis Conference, Minnesota

​“We invited Lyndy to speak at our regional customer meeting. His humor was great, and his message about managing stress was spot-on, considering the pressures that farmers and ranchers face on a daily basis. The audience really connected with Lyndy as he shared stories about growing up on his family’s farm. We would highly recommend Lyndy to any group looking for a funny, down-to-earth speaker who also delivers an important message."

Farm Credit Services of America Regional Customer Meeting, Iowa

"Lyndy exceeded our expectations. Several attendees commented that they thought he had written his presentation with them in mind! Everyone thought he was hilarious with a message. With his background in agriculture, Lyndy really "clicked" with our dairy and beef producers. We have received nothing but positive comments!"

GENEX Annual Conference, Wisconsin

"This year for the annual conference, I wanted a keynote address that would be both entertaining and provide a valuable life lesson. Lyndy hit the nail on the head. His presentation on stress management and life, along with his variety of entertaining magical lessons was a highlight that many never expected. Our staff commented many times how much they got out of his presentation AND how much they enjoyed it!"

Secretary of Agriculture, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, New Mexico

"Lyndy’s keynote was a perfect way to end a 2 ½ day annual sales meeting that received positive feedback from everyone in the room."

Forage Genetics International Land O' Lakes Inc. Annual Sales Meeting, Idaho

"Reducing stress through humor was the theme, and if using laughter as the gauge, there wasn’t a stressed person in the room after Lyndy’s keynote. His message was well timed and on point."

AAAF Annual Conference, Canada

"Lyndy was an outstanding addition to our annual meeting. His message perfectly aligned with what we needed and the core values of our company. This was an entertaining presentation with a great message and is highly recommended."

Corteva Agriscience Annual Meeting, Indiana

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